Some would ask me why I don’t give up on the ones I care so much about that don’t deserve my time or attention who have hurt me or done me wrong. My answer is this. When someone is hurting so deeply they need more love given to them, they can’t see how much they mean to others and in the process they tend to push those who care most about them away. My greatest aspect is when I love, I love fully and I share that love with those around me. I feel when they are in pain, and I do my best to take some of that pain from them and place it on myself giving in return the love they deserve.

No one is perfect including myself, and people make mistakes, but showing someone that no matter what you are there, that you love them through it all just maybe then they can see they are worth something when they feel like nothing. So that’s why I don’t give up, and because I know how it feels and I hate to see anyone go through feeling less than when they are so much more.

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