My friend

I hope you know that not a day goes by that my thoughts and prayers are not with you, I pray for your healing of your past traumas, I pray that one day you see yourself as the amazing wonderful person I see when I look at you. I pray that you find forgiveness in yourself for how you have seen and treated yourself over the years. Every heart ache that you have suffered I have felt my heart sinker lower, but I also see how you do not give up, you don’t give in, and you try your hardest, that is strength I admire.

I know there are times where you feel alone and your heart breaks silently, I know that there are times I don’t understand and my own insecurities worm their own way in and sometimes I have failed miserably as a friend, I hope that you can forgive for those times and know that when you hurt, I hurt, when you cry, I cry, when you laugh, I laugh, and when you smile it lights up a room. I love you friend and my life would be incomplete if you weren’t here.

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