Thinking out loud.

Sometimes I wonder how a person can change so much, but then again I know I have also done it. Because of things that happened to me in my past or people I have encountered throughout my life. I have changed, I have grown. I know this. Just as well as I know that change can be a difficult thing to process. I always find myself trying to hold on and fight for things that can’t or won’t change. Childhood trauma of abandonment I suppose.

The truth is that change can be a great thing, and without it we wouldn’t know how to grow as individuals. Someone we have known for most of our lives can become a complete stranger overnight and you realize you never really knew that person, their problems, and traumas that may affect them. I pray for all who are going through some of the most difficult things they could go through, but I also hope that you grow, learn, and become stronger from it as well.

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