When I look in the mirror do I like who I see?

Is it really me?

Or is it the mask that everyone placed upon me?

Living up to what everyone thinks becomes exhausting, just want to take a break

Need a place to be able to be take a breath

Get my ground

Know my surroundings

If only they could see what the mask does to me


Always being someone’s picture perfect

Can’t mess up

Don’t feel human

More of a robot

Let me do what I’m told like a dog on a leash

One day maybe I’ll be free.

Maybe one day someone will let me be me

Until then I guess I’ll trudge on

Do the day to day of things

And hope the real me can be seen

Beyond the mask and part I play

Of my everyday.

The choices we make

What will you do when you realize

You made the biggest mistake

Always pushing me away?

How will you handle it?

I never mattered

Even though you told me I deserved better

You would only shut down and close me out

Break my heart

I was never the same

Always forgave

It didn’t matter

The real you was all I wanted

But I can’t take someone who runs

When the situation gets a little rough

Played that card once too much.

I don’t hate you, I will love you until I die

But with everyday that passes by

I’ll slowly let a piece of you go

And you will become someone that I use to know

One day the chance will be gone

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