I am the wolf you see

Showing you the truest of forms

I’ll let you fly, I’ll let you soar

Just call to me

It’s the touch, it’s the whisper

It the dream you seek

Open you sense and come to me

Feel me in the wind

Calling your name

Holding you in my embrace

When you close your eyes

You will see my face

Knowing you are safe

No longer alone

No longer chained

Free to breath

Free to be

Who you are mean to be

No more fighting

No more questions

I’m there

With you


Within the breeze

Open your senses

There comes a time when you must open your senses and take all that you can in. From sight, touch, taste, every sense you can imagine. Mind body and soul must become one with this. Otherwise there is no peace. You must learn to trust your own intuition, your own self. Only then can you process the world around you. Only then can you not get anger, jealousy, and other insignificant emotions run you over, you can keep grounded and steady in the face of anything that comes your way.


I will always fight for what I believe in. I will always fight for love. I don’t give up until I know for a definite fact it’s completely over, and there’s nothing left. Compromises, communication even if it’s hard, maybe even taking a break if need be and coming back at it with different eyes. Love is love, fate happens and we tend to fight it everyday, because we are scared of the unknown. Why take a risk or chance on something we think wasn’t suppose to happen or even last? But the heart happened it took over, and that counts for something.


Life can be so complicated, and throw you for such a loop… I don’t know what to think or how to feel… I feel angry I didn’t know this sooner… maybe I would of made different choices along the way… maybe this is one big fucking test that I’m epically failing. Love and life that is… Jesus… all I can do is sit here and think on repeat, think about the things I’ve lost, think about the one person I don’t want to lose. Think about the person I gave my heart and soul too… and I’m Beautifully Broken, and I’ve been stitched back together with the love from someone who care enough to show me it was okay to love myself just as I am. As I lay here I wonder if it will come to me and not let it slip through their fingers or turn tail and run from love and fighting fate.

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