Bad days

The one thing I have been noticing is that with depression and anxiety no matter how hard you try to keep your head up, you have your bad days, it’s inevitable, you think everything is going good, and bam one day you just are completely consumed, or this is how it feels. It’s been slowly creeping up but you have been pushing it away, fighting against it. These days are okay, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to not have a good day. Just don’t get stuck there.

Today was my bad day. Nothing went right, I cried, and then I took a moment for myself, do I feel better? Not really at the moment, but I know tomorrow is another day, so I will try again tomorrow. So I will take my breath and do my best to hold my head up again, straighten my shoulders, because it was a bad day and it’s okay to have that. It will get better.

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