To my children

You will someday understand what it means to love someone more that yourself, so much that you would do anything to see them happy and smile. You will love them unconditionally and nothing will ever change the way you think or feel about them. You will always be quick to defend them, quick to rescue them, quick to listen to their stories, listen to their sweet songs even if they are of key because to you it will be the sweetest music to your ears, and when they tell you they love you there will be no doubts and no worries, you will always know that no matter what their love will always be with you. You will be their parent and you will always do your best for them just as I have for you, and it’s safe to say that yes along that journey you will make your mistakes just as I have along mine, but one thing will always be certain the love will always outshine everything. You will have your bad days but at the end of the night as you tuck that little one or ones into bed and those words “I love you mommy” “I love you daddy” come out you will know it was all worth it. Tomorrow is a new day, with a new start, and you may make a few more mistakes but hopefully they won’t notice that when they get older, hopefully they will only know of the love that you gave them and you always did your best for them.

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