Truth is I don’t think about my future much. Or at least I didn’t. I love to write, and read, but the most joy out of this life I get is when I feel like I’m helping someone in someway. I’ve always been afraid to step outside my comfort zone, or give up on my dreams before they even had a chance to flourish. Until I met someone who changed my thinking, they made me see what I couldn’t, what I refused to see. If I give up then I’m just not only selling myself short but also settling for less than I deserve, like I always have. The bond I feel with them is so strong, completely unexpected and scares me, but gives me so much strength. Maybe one day they will know this, maybe one day they will understand that when I tell them I love them, that it’s true and real, and they will accept it. I have no clue what my future holds, but with them in my corner cheering me on even from the shadows gives me hope that maybe just maybe one day all the possibilities I see they will too. That they came in unexpectedly, took a chance on the lost, and helped guide me to the person I am today, and In return I gave them everything I could, even my heart even though I try to deny it and run, because to me I’m not good enough to be loved the way I am, and the way they have shown they care scares me, because when they tell me they won’t leave, I believe them. Trust, understanding, compassion, selflessness, all came with the actions and words of a friendship that happened unexpectedly, and grew into something that I have no words to define. How could I not love this person? For who they are, good and bad, when they have seen the darkest parts of me and still given me hope. It’s chaotic but it’s a beautiful journey that maybe one day I’ll be able to see the happy ending we both deserve. Until then it’s just until next time, maybe one day it will be the possibilities of knowing they are by my side. Because the one person who can be your rock, protector, friend, is someone worth taking a risk on. You smile, you live, and you feel each moment. It’s freedom, it’s like breathing after not being able to, it’s like waking up to the realization that you aren’t alone and are seen.

#Nevergiveup #possibilities #happiness

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