Things I never could say

I was content before you with my life and how I was living it, letting my dreams stay hidden and far from my reach never going after them because to me they were impossible to get to. But you saw something in me and believed in me and that’s something I never felt before, it’s gave me the courage to start believing in myself. I became unsatisfied with my life unless I was with you or talking to you because you got my hopes and dreams you inspired me with just a few words. It was if you could read my mind. Before I knew it I had fallen in love with you for the person you were and I couldn’t stop it no matter how hard I tried. All I wanted to do was what you had done for me, give you the unconditional belief in yourself to go after whatever it was that you dreamed of even if it meant losing you in the process. You’re happiness was all that mattered. Because in the time I’ve known you you brought me so much happiness that I never knew was possible. Acceptance and understanding of who I am, even in my darkest times. My love for you will never change, it will never fade, and I will never regret all the time spent growing with you. You gave me something I’ve never experienced and never thought possible for myself, courage to go after what I want, and belief in who I am. For that I am eternally grateful, for that I love you deeply and unconditionally.

#confessions #youwereunexpected

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